APR 19, 2019

Photos from Bailey Minzenberger’s show at Nakamura this past weekend. Make sure to give them a listen on Spotify.

APR 12, 2019

STAR Laces just released their newest black laces and their new “Ask My Pronouns” laces this week. Make sure you buy a pair at: Starlaces.org. Loved how the pics from the shoot came out.

APR 3, 2019

I can’t believe we won the U of M Optimize grant. I am beyond blessed to have this amazing woman, friend, and business partner in my life. She teaches, inspires, and challenges me everyday and I couldn’t be more grateful & proud to be starting an activist art collective w/ her. 

MAR 22, 2019

Isaac & I were featured on @THEM. A blessing to spread our platonic queer love w/ the world. Forever proud of my friends.

MAR 15, 2019

Climate change protest at the University of Michigan. I can’t believe we have to fight for this university, this state, and this country to take action. We rallied. We walked. We protested in the president of the university’s office. He was not in the office. He was out of town. Coward I say. This is ridiculous.

MAR 9, 2019

Back home in Chicago. Weather isn’t warming up just yet. Dressing like a hunter even though I’m a vegetarian. Heading back to AA tomorrow.


JAN 24, 2019

Good friends.

A hard laugh.

Teeth soaked in sparkling sweet poison.

I hold on to these people for comfort.

And stability.

And laughter.

We continue to change.

And come back home.

And change again.

JAN 22, 2019

To burn what we left in 2018 is to be powerful. 

To have a lifelong friend is to be lucky. 

Thanks for spending our last hours of the year together.

I am always grateful for your presence. 


JAN 8, 2019

Last day in Chicago.

Thrifted fits like usual.

White background like usual.

Tomorrow I’m off for another semester.

I’m off.


JAN 5, 2019

To be alone,

In the sheets.

With myself.

One hand on the brown bush,

The other on a freckled rising mountain.

Sometimes two hands hold through an icy Chicago winter.

They try not to make a sound.

Try to stay warm in January.

JAN 3, 2019

To force a new is to be powerful.

To live without him is to be alone.

Is to be free.

Is to be lonely. Sometimes.

There are no wide stretch lips here.

No pearl teeth out.

The pit in my stomach has started to fill

With cheese and slight conversation.

Fill with two new year’s eve kisses from two best friends.

Fill with ridding myself of guilt,

And fear,

And never describing myself as selfish again.

The pit has been touched.

Through platonic kisses and loving hugs.

But this pit is still empty with purpose.

With not knowing how to talk to my parents.

And sister.

And sister’s friends.

This pit in me is still empty.

Still lost.

Yesterday my stomach felt a hard laugh.

From two friends on my sofa

They made me smile like I did in August.

I am still missing motivation.

In my mind and body.

And interaction.

And I am still glued down.

Only sometimes moving.

Constantly thinking.

My head has gotten heavy. From screens.

And looking under.

But tomorrow I will fill my day with water.

And music.

And sun.

Hopefully the sun.

I will not watch moving pictures to escape this

Place in my head and stomach.

I will procrastinate productively.

To make a name for myself.

To draw.

And look.

And sing.

To write poems.

And read.

To be proud.

And alone.

A winter day with endless time. Easy sleep.

And thoughts of freedom.

I am free.

Free at last.

Lost at last.


JAN 2, 2019


Sneakers: Nike

Necklace: Laura Lombardi

Hat: Madewell

Coat: Thrifted

Crewneck: Thrifted

Leggings: Thrifted

JAN 1, 2019

Just Kids by Patti Smith

“We wanted, it seemed, what we already had, a lover and a friend to create with, side by side. To be loyal, yet be free.”

I am forever grateful that this was the final book I read in 2018.

This book understood me before a new year of my life started.

It allowed me to accept who I am.

Accept myself as an artist.

As a partner.

As an alone individual.

Patti understands me, even though she will never know it.

She will never know she spoke to me when I had no one to speak to.

She understood me when I did not understand any part of myself.

She comforted me by making me feel less guilty about the ways I live and internalize things.

I am forever grateful for this book.

I am forever grateful that  I can read it over again page by page.

I am forever grateful this book came into my life when I did.

And that I read it when I did.

I am grateful for the eloquent writing and for the way she made me feel less alone.

I know Patti did not write this book for me.

In fact, she wrote it for herself. And Robert.

But I can't seem to put into words how much clarity this book brought me

in a time of confusion and guilt.

I can't help but thank a friend and mentor of mine, Mary, for gifting me this book

because she knew I would love it.

Maybe she even knew I needed it.

It seems Mary understands me like Patti does.

Even if I am the only one that will ever know that.



DEC 31, 2018

How freeing it is to burn what you will leave in the past year.

A lit flame to the things I will no longer engage in.

Active bettering is freedom.

Recognizing what I need to change is freedom.

I need to remind myself of these changes everyday to better myself.

I am always changing as a person.

Internally, externally, and to people.

I am only 20.

Only 20.

What I will manifest in 2019, I will:

  • Make people have conversations through art

  • Progress/ advance the world not just mirror it

  • Be open to change, do not be stuck in my preconceptions of what I think is me

  • Discover and accept who I am physically as a queer woman

  • Unwind learned behavior of patriarchy, sex, sexuality, and gender

  • Do not use the word selfish to describe myself.

  • Use art as healing tool for others > don’t charge more for photos that are gonna benefit someone in need, have people pay what they can afford

  • Donate to more Go Fund Me’s

  • Bring understanding and patience to people through love and listening, but do not be the savior

  • See all of someone, love all of someone

  • Only think of myself when making decision. What do I want? Do that. What will other think? Does not matter.

  • Be a productive procrastinator

  • Low waste living, collect and put plastic in mason jar.

  • Make art only I love.

  • Say yes to opportunities

  • Blog more

  • Invest in career and self as artist

I need to be free in 2019. Totally and completely free.



DEC 27, 2018

Costa Rica for Christmas. A beautiful trip filled with wildlife and sun. I felt anxious for a decent amount of the time there, but I tried to control it by focusing on the environment I was in. I had a lot of laughs and a lot of wine with my family. Sunburns and card games bring us to close during the holidays. A lovely trip, but like always I’m glad to be home.


DEC 19, 2018

Thrifted clothing matched with good jewelry can almost always make for a great outfit. Here are some of my recent thrift store finds matched with my favorite staple gold jewelry.