OCT 4, 2019

So happy to have done this interview with Valerie Le for ‘Arts, Ink.’ about the journey of my artwork and projects. Feel free to check out the full article on the Arts at Michigan website.

AUG 16, 2019

Hollis and I were recently interviewed and photographed for Between Girls by the amazing Speciwomen team. Here are some highlights of the interview but make sure to check out the full interview on the Speciwomen site here.

What are your thoughts on how the media portrays women and their intimacy? 

Hollis: Whether it’s through the news, television, or otherwise, we’re constantly being talked at or about as opposed to being able to speak for ourselves. Even the scope of the conversations we “should” be engaging in is limited. Profiles are a unique opportunity to express our thoughts, questions, and concerns about the ways the world interacts with and responds to our existence. They force you to listen to the voice of an actual person as opposed to what parts of them are determined pretty or palatable enough to show. 

Grace: Yeah, and when we get rid of the pressure to be read as appealing and just focus on being honest, we create opportunities for communal learning. We all have experiences that have made us into who we are today. Imagine what we could create and the issues we could solve if we just pooled that knowledge. That’s the positive side of media that we are trying to contribute to. And even further, womanhood in the media is so cis-centered. We rarely hear trans women and femmes telling their own stories, and those are often the most crucial individuals to hear and understand. Womanhood is so much more expansive than people think. 

To have the title Between Girls (like Speciwomen or other platforms with the binary in their titles) is inevitably labeling your community as “girl-focused.” How do you see your project fitting into a future where gender is a much more fluid concept? 

Hollis: We’ve had this conversation over and over again. In all honesty, when we initially started this project we knew a lot less about the intricacies of gender. We’re both cis women, and that’s where our perspectives and experiences are coming from. However, womanhood and femmehood are marginalized demographics of people. We hope that through amplifying the experiences of our participants, like Grace touched on, we can all work to better understand just how expansive the umbrella of “girlhood” really is. What it means to be a woman or femme is entirely up to the individual. We don’t have the desire to filter who can or cannot contribute to this work based on exclusive and antiquated models of what a “woman” may be. 

Grace: We're always striving to make this platform a place for people to express freely, and we hope that people feel comfortable enough to share with us. The steps we take to be more inclusive will always be in evolution. 

© Lauren Davis

© Lauren Davis

AUG 15, 2019

Pics from Chicago so far. Lots of good food, swimming, biking, and seeing friends. Heading to Colorado Monday to drop Spence off at college. Wild how quick time flies.

JUL 30, 2019

Watch the full video of Hollis & I answering your questions about Between Girls and more!

Make sure to check us out at: @itsbetweegirls


JUL 29, 2019

This has been a year of immense change for me. I’ve lost connections to people I loved and gained friendships I didn’t even know I needed so badly in my life. After going through a break up, I struggled with feeling fulfilled. I was navigating guilt, replacement, and confusion in my life. I felt like a lost puppy, but I was determined to move my life forward in the direction I had always imagined it would go. I read books that have changed my life forever. I fell back into old habits and unhealthy situations. I experienced things for the first time. And I progressed my future forward during all of it. I never realized how much of a transformation I had gone through and how much work I have put into myself, until now. I push myself hard. I expect a lot from myself. I am never satisfied. but this summer, I am grateful for my independence, I finally see my passions paying off, and right now I am good friends with myself and she likes this version of me.

JUL 17, 2019

Between Girls is a community based platform that relies on all of us sharing our stories.

That begin said, we have a opening for profile interviews in New York City from July 23-25!

If you like what we are doing here and are interested in sharing your story, please contact us at itsbetweengirls@gmail.com

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JUL 10, 2019


I am THRILLED to officially share with you all a project I have been working on for months with my good friend & business partner @lalcak. STAA COLLECTIVE is activist art group that explores intimacy & identity through collaborative art projects. It is a space & brand where we aim to cultivate conversations about love, sexual fantasies, anxiety, identity, and many other topics. We welcome everyone into this space to help us create a larger narrative around the topics we often find too taboo to talk about. We are beyond excited to share this project with the world and to continue evolving, learning, & expanding our brand with every project we make. Give us a follow at @staa.co & feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

JUL 4, 2019

Soon I’ll have the words to articulate this year's pride. Right now, I don’t but wish I did. Nethertheless, here is a video from this past weekend.

JUN 20, 2019

I always felt like I needed external validation for my queerness.
In high school, I didn’t think I could identify as anything until I “proved” myself.
Until I confirmed what I had been thinking.
Until I knew for certain that I was queer.
I thought that without experience I was invalid.
That no one would believe me.
I still sometimes feel that way.
That my internal validation is not enough.
That I have to prove my sexuality to people.
I am still navigating this feeling.
Still navigating internal validation of my identity.
Still telling myself I don't need to prove myself to anyone.
That I shouldn't have to perform my sexuality.
That I am queer.
And valid.
And that is enough.

- 01 grace

JUN 18, 2019

Fun new vid from this weekend w/ Zoe, Abby, Tessa, & Syd. Feeling good about posting about it on Insta & sharing it beyond my friends & fam.

JUN 8, 2019

Just posted a new diary entry on Youtube. Displayed & talked about some of my photography, explored Brooklyn night life, and even made some great home-made veg tacos.

JUN 7, 2019

I moved to NYC last Friday for the summer. I decided the best way to share my experiences here with friends and family was through video diary entries. Typically I take photos or write journal entries to remember what I am experiencing but I thought making short videos would be a fun project for summer. Feel free to give them a watch.

MAY 5, 2019

This is a recent fibers project I created advocating for the protection and rights of sex workers. The suit jacket represents what American society views as “work” which often invalidates sex work. The jacket was thrifted with the intention that it had a long life w/ a person or people before encountering me. The front has thioxed silk patches that say “Sex work is real work” and “Protect sex workers.” The back has thioxed silk patches of recent 2018 murder victims that were sex workers. Unfortunately there are many victims and only few articles ever written about the individuals. On the inside is a globally complied list of murdered sex workers names including many “unknown” for those unknown individuals. The ongoing list can be found at December17.org. The project also includes a handmade silk lingerie set that is dyed and has “I am human. I deserve respect. I am human. I deserve rights.” thioxed onto it. If anyone would like to collaborate and feels inclined to model this set because they themselves are a sex worker please contact me however you feel comfortable. Unfortunately for the project, I altered the clothing to my size which is about an American “women’s small.” The person wearing this for a photoshoot will be recognized as a collaborator for this project.

APR 22, 2019

Lusting Longer is a six garment and repetitive photography series. Check out the entire series under the “Photography” tab of my page.