DEC 31, 2018

How freeing it is to burn what you will leave in the past year.

A lit flame to the things I will no longer engage in.

Active bettering is freedom.

Recognizing what I need to change is freedom.

I need to remind myself of these changes everyday to better myself.

I am always changing as a person.

Internally, externally, and to people.

I am only 20.

Only 20.

What I will manifest in 2019, I will:

  • Make people have conversations through art

  • Progress/ advance the world not just mirror it

  • Be open to change, do not be stuck in my preconceptions of what I think is me

  • Discover and accept who I am physically as a queer woman

  • Unwind learned behavior of patriarchy, sex, sexuality, and gender

  • Do not use the word selfish to describe myself.

  • Use art as healing tool for others > don’t charge more for photos that are gonna benefit someone in need, have people pay what they can afford

  • Donate to more Go Fund Me’s

  • Bring understanding and patience to people through love and listening, but do not be the savior

  • See all of someone, love all of someone

  • Only think of myself when making decision. What do I want? Do that. What will other think? Does not matter.

  • Be a productive procrastinator

  • Low waste living, collect and put plastic in mason jar.

  • Make art only I love.

  • Say yes to opportunities

  • Blog more

  • Invest in career and self as artist

I need to be free in 2019. Totally and completely free.