MAY 5, 2019

This is a recent fibers project I created advocating for the protection and rights of sex workers. The suit jacket represents what American society views as “work” which often invalidates sex work. The jacket was thrifted with the intention that it had a long life w/ a person or people before encountering me. The front has thioxed silk patches that say “Sex work is real work” and “Protect sex workers.” The back has thioxed silk patches of recent 2018 murder victims that were sex workers. Unfortunately there are many victims and only few articles ever written about the individuals. On the inside is a globally complied list of murdered sex workers names including many “unknown” for those unknown individuals. The ongoing list can be found at The project also includes a handmade silk lingerie set that is dyed and has “I am human. I deserve respect. I am human. I deserve rights.” thioxed onto it. If anyone would like to collaborate and feels inclined to model this set because they themselves are a sex worker please contact me however you feel comfortable. Unfortunately for the project, I altered the clothing to my size which is about an American “women’s small.” The person wearing this for a photoshoot will be recognized as a collaborator for this project.